The Most Delicious Catering in West Chester, Ohio

Head to Skally’s Restaurant for the best catering in West Chester, Ohio! Delight your employees and impress your clients with a delicious range of nutritious and filling menu items.

With greasy fast food options around every corner, it can be tempting to go cheap with your lunch. However, a good balanced diet is not far from reach, and it doesn’t have to break your wallet, nor taste like cardboard.

Skally’s Restaurant can help you maintain good dietary habits, even when you are too busy to think about your food choices.

Affordable Catering in West Chester

Catering in West Chester can be a challenge. With so many options out there, what do you choose?

You want to provide something new and exciting to spur your employees into plugging on through the rest of the work day, but you’re getting tired of the same-ol’-same-ol’ catering.

As a business, you’re on the go. You don’t have a lot of time to waste hunting through a directory looking for the right food to order. You also have a budget to consider.

Catering through Skally’s gives you the best of both worlds. Their menu offers a delicious range of lunch items - from juicy hamburgers on a toasted Hawaiian bagel to Greek delights such as spanakopita and creamy hummus with pita chips.

The best part is Skally’s offers the most reasonable prices in the area for the quality of food we deliver, with special deals on a weekly basis. Dine on unique food while staying comfortably in budget.

Uplift Spirits With a Thoughtful Lunch

Because of Skally’s wide range of menu items, there’s always something to please even the finickiest of eaters. It’s important that your employees not only eat lunch, but eat a worthwhile lunch.

Our pizzas are insanely famous and come with an astounding deal if you order five or more. They are large and loaded with toppings of all kinds - some with huge dollops of whipped cheese on top! Their pizzas are made to order with either a traditional or New York style crust.

Should any of your employees, clients or even your family members be intolerant to gluten or dairy, you’re in luck. Skally’s carries dairy-free cheese made from coconut oil. You really can’t taste the difference! We also make wonderful gluten-free pizza dough.

Start off your lunch with a nutritious veggie platter with either regular or spicy hummus - or both! You can always include a side of cool tzatziki sauce for a legume-free dip. Don’t forget to include our amazing pita chips!

Taking your employees or clients diet preferences in mind will go a long way to endearing them to you. Turn to Skally’s to please all of your people.

Impress Your Clients With a Skally’s Lunch

Clients are always impressed when you provide lunch for them. They will be more likely to remember you, especially if you offer them something that is both unique and takes their dietary needs into account. It shows thoughtfulness and caring on your part, and they will not forget that.

If you have multiple clients coming in and you don’t particularly know what to serve them for lunch, consider Skally’s pita platter. You can order by the pita and have them stuffed with your choice of deli meats, cheese and veggies. A selection of their made-in-house sauces come on the side for your clients to select from.

For a change of scenery you can also take your important client or guest to dine inside our restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxing and a wait staff is always at the ready to get you seated and served so you can focus the most of your time on building that client relationship.

Catering to Your Family’s Appetite

Skally’s isn’t just a great idea for business. It’s a great idea for your family, too. When you are stuck coming up with an idea of what to serve everyone for lunch, try taking a look at Skally’s menu.

Sumptuous chicken sliders, wings, giant Italian meatballs and many more mouth-watering options are available to satisfy a big appetite. We make pita sandwiches for the kids, too, which leaves little mess to clean up later. Pitas are a wonderful idea when you are trying to maintain a well-balanced diet with your hungry family.

Skally’s offers drive-by contactless pick up and delivery through DoorDash when you don’t feel like personally getting out in this cold weather. Pay online and have it delivered hot and fresh in no time.


Catering in West Chester, Ohio is easy, affordable, fast and friendly when you choose Skally’s Restaurant.

Join us on Instagram to stay up to date on their latest specials, or give us a call and ask about our many amazing catering deals.

It’s a healthy and satisfying lunch choice you will want to make again and again!