Restaurants in West Chester Ohio: Choosing Where to Dine

Which restaurants in West Chester Ohio should you head to for dinner? The question is one that comes up often and can lead to lengthy discussions about price, food style, and availability. Of course, you also have to consider your parties’ dietary needs, time constraints, and whether you want to sit down, pick it up or have it delivered. That’s quite a lot to figure out, especially in large groups!

With all these considerations, it’s safe to say deciding where to go isn’t always an easy choice. But by asking a few simple questions, making that choice can get significantly easier.

Want something local? Yep.

Freshly made food? Check.

A fun and unique menu that appeals to vegetarians and gluten-free eaters? Double-check.

Filling sizes and affordable prices? Of course!

You may be thinking “There’s no way a restaurant can check all these boxes!”, but you would be wrong. Skally’s offers all of this and more, making deciding where to dine a no brainer.

Cover the Bases

Skally’s is a simple dining choice for several reasons. One of the most obvious is what we serve and specialize in- pizza and pitas.

Universally beloved, it’s hard to find someone who is unhappy with a great pita or slice of pizza, and here at Skally’s we pride ourselves on our spectacular pizza, and pita sandwiches, crafted on house-made crusts and flatbreads. We have classic sandwich choices, or unique options, like the Reuben pita sandwich, or the bagel burger!

Making the decision even simpler is the fact that Skally’s makes sure to include everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. The fantastic gluten-free pizzas and multiple vegetarian options, mean that even the pickiest eater will find something they like on our menu.

Of course, the menu is hardly limited to just pizza or pitas. Need something a bit lighter? Try the Mediterranean or Greek salad. Lunch hour on a chilly day has you in the mood for soup? Try the french onion soup or the filling vegetarian chili to fill up and get warm!

Or if you want to share with the table, our appetizer choices are varied and delightful! Choose from meatballs, a mixed hummus platter, or spanakopita (feta and spinach bites in a flaky crust) for a unique appetizer course. Of course, we also offer the classics, like fried cheese curds, onion rings, wings, and baked potato skins, or fried steak potatoes. Whichever you choose, get enough to share!

And last, but certainly not least, don’t forget dessert! The made from scratch Baklava is a favorite of many visitors, but the brownies and Opera Cream cake are also fantastic choices for satisfying that sweet tooth at the end of a meal.

A Local Staple

When you eat at Skally’s you are also supporting a long-time family business. The Skally family originally opened as a bakery in 1977, introducing the Cincinnati area to pitas and other amazing baked goods. Five years later they opened a restaurant in an effort to showcase the wide variety of uses that pitas have in cooking!

Years later the Skally children found the perfect location for a new version of Skally’s in West Chester, and they opened their doors to the public in 2018. Still owned and operated by the family, Skally’s has deep roots and love for their city.

Owned by proud community members of West Chester, Skally’s is thrilled to keep serving our fresh and unique dinner and lunches to all our friends and neighbors, and we hope you will join us soon!

One of the Most Versatile Restaurants in West Chester Ohio

Here at Skally’s, we can fulfill your needs for most meals. With a sit-down dining room, carry out, delivery, and even catering options, we are well versed in providing you with stunning food at a reasonable price, no matter the occasion.

Our American and Mediterranean based menu is comfortable and familiar, while still having adventurous options, keeping everyone satisfied. Freshly made pitas, crusts, and sauces will delight and fulfill you, all at a very fair and affordable price. With all the variety, flavor, and options we offer, dining at Skally’s is an easy choice.

However, there are obviously times when you will need to mix it up or go somewhere else. While we will miss you and hope to see you soon, we do have some great ideas on where you should go instead!

If you are in the mood for some different cuisine, Holtman’s Donuts is our immediate neighbor, Chuy’s offers authentic Tex-Mex right down the road, and we recommend Jag’s Steak and Seafood for those special occasions where something more formal is needed.

A Simple Choice

We know you have plenty of options when it comes to restaurants in West Chester Ohio. But do all those options have the history, the quality, and the ease of dining at Skally’s? No.

Skally’s is conveniently located near Union Center Boulevard in West Chester and has great lunch options for busy on the go professionals. Whether you are looking to take food back to the office, or power through a meeting over lunch, Skally’s is sure to fit the bill!

With carryout and delivery options, you can enjoy Skally’s at home or work. Our convenient web ordering system makes carryout and delivery a breeze, and our friendly staff love serving you in person as well!

Whatever the occasion, whether with work or family, or just to grab some grub, make sure to check us out, give us a follow, and check out our menu. We can’t wait to serve you some of our authentic, fresh and tantalizing food!