Every good story starts with a love story...

Ephraim Skally  worked in a bakery as a youth in Rhode Island. Odette Skally grew up around her families Import/Export Food Business in Brooklyn. After meeting in NYC, getting married, and living there for 5 years, the Skally’s moved to Cincinnati. While in Cincinnati raising the family, they started missing some of the quality food products  they were accustomed to in New York, like Pita bread, Bagels, and Pizza.  Ephraim Skally always cooked at home and wanted to start a bakery. Odette had the vision and business sense enforced as she was growing up.


The bakery and restaurant were born...

So in November of 1977, Old World Bakery was born. In 1982, after years of successful growth for the business, an expansion was planned to build a new bakery.  The Skally’s wanted to show consumers how to use their bakery products, and the best way was by example and demonstration, so that is when they decided to add the restaurant.


At the time, Pocket Pita bread was new to Cincinnati, so educating customers on the best uses of the bread, like stuffing a pocket with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, cutting the bread into quarters or strips for dips like hummus, making pita chips, or making a pizza on the Pita, was the easiest and best way. The bakery also made flat Greek pita for gyros, and fresh dough for pizzas. All of these uses are shown on the menu in the new restaurant.

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Continuing the dream...

The next issue was what to call the restaurant. Many names were considered, like Old World Deli, or the Pita Place. The Skally’s decided on their own namesake, for a more personal feeling. Both the bakery and restaurant were successful for quite a few years. While Ephraim was happy focusing on the family bakery, Odette always wanted to open a second location for the restaurant.

Finally after 35 years, the Skally Children found the right location, in an area they really liked, to continue their mom, Odette’s, dream. They wanted to expand the original idea, with a more extensive menu, and even more fresh made products.

Meet The Team

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Ephraim Skally


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Drew Skally


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