Pizza in West Chester: A Simple Choice

When looking for pizza in West Chester, you should be excited. From chains to holes in the wall, there are a ton of different styles and approaches to the art of pizza.

Deciding where to go can feel like quite the endeavor, especially when feeding a group, whether it’s family, friends, or colleagues.

After all, which pizza is best is usually a hotly debated topic, even among friends. Italian or American style? Deep dish or thin crust? Classic or experimental toppings? New York or Chicago style?

The list of questions goes on and on, and honestly, it’s a debate that will always have different opinions and answers. The only way to get closer to an agreement is to share as much pizza as possible, and figure out where the best pizza options near you are.

The Base: Finding a Good Crust

But what exactly makes a great pizza? While every ingredient is important, it all really boils down to the crust.

That’s because the crust is the foundation of any pizza. Even with top tier cheese, sauce, and toppings, a bad crust will result in a subpar pizza experience. While the style of crust can vary widely, any decent pizzeria will make their own dough and fresh crust, ensuring the perfect mixture of texture and chewiness. And the more the restaurant knows about baking, the better their crusts will be.

Even though it can seem quite simple, pizza dough can be very complex. Different recipes, rest times, and baking temperature can all result in dramatically different types of textures, thicknesses, and flavors. Most high-quality pizza places will create their own unique dough recipe and closely guard it- and for good reason. That special dough recipe will distinguish and elevate the pizza above the competition, creating the perfect platform for the gooey goodness of cheese, sauce, and toppings.

Thankfully for pizza lovers in West Chester, there is a company that has been specializing in bread products and dough and pizza for a long time: Skally’s.

Skally’s, a Family Business

The Skally family has been serving up delicious bread and crusts in Ohio for a long time. Founded in 1977 as Old World Bakery, the Skally family originally served up delicious bread, pitas, and other baked products for 5 years before opening a restaurant attached to the bakery. After 35 years, the family moved on to opening what is now known as Skally's, a standalone restaurant. With years of experience making perfect bread, doughs, and crusts the restaurant was a hit, serving up amazing pizzas, pitas and gyros to their community in Ohio.

Today Skally’s is still owned and operated by the Skally family and has become a West Chester staple for many families in the area. Keeping to their roots they craft pizza, gyros, and sandwiches on house-made products. Offering sit-down dining service, take away options, and even catered luncheons, Skally’s is a surefire way to satisfy the taste buds while supporting a family that has poured themselves into their community for decades.

Exceptional Pizza in West Chester

Skally’s offers a full menu with soups and salads, sandwiches, and gyros, but pizza is definitely the focus and specialty dish of the restaurant. With numerous topping options and an original zesty red sauce, the pizza options are varied, delicious, and sure to impress.

Of course not to be ignored, the ever-important crust comes in three styles, the traditional medium-thick crust, the New York-style thin crust, and a gluten-friendly crust for those who can’t enjoy traditional pies. These delicious house-made crusts support a great pizza and are so good you won’t want to leave a scrap behind.

Skally’s serves up all of the classic pizza toppings or lets you build your own pie from the large list of options. If you don’t feel like creating a combo, you could try one of the house specialties, like the BBQ Chicken pizza. With house-made BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, mozzarella, red onion, and smoked gouda, this unique pizza is a fantastic burst of flavor. Or try a loaded cheese pizza, like the Quattro Formaggi, which features mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, ricotta, and smoked gouda for a gooey and delicious slice.

Whatever style of crust and topping combination you choose, Skally’s is sure to have a pizza that will please and satisfy everyone in your family or group.

The Final Slice

Which pizza is the best is a topic that will never be settled. There are too many styles and preferences to ever pick just one type of pizza, or crown a pizza as ‘the best’. However, choosing your favorite local pizza place is a lot easier than declaring a spot the best pizza ever. With a limited number of locations to try, picking your favorite local pizza place is a very achievable goal. There are a finite number of spots to try out, and one of them is sure to have the perfect combination of crust, cheese, and sauce to tantalize your palate.

So the next time you are in the mood for some pizza, check out Skally’s. With a wide variety of options, and service styles (including lunch catering) Skally’s is to delight and satisfy. Their high-quality crusts and tantalizing ingredients will make you fall in love with pizza again.

Whether you want to go out, or order online and stay home, this authentic and locally owned restaurant is sure to serve up some amazing pizza slices and memories. And who knows? It might just make it to the top of your list of favorite pizza places in West Chester!