Skally’s: The Best Choice For Lunch in West Chester

Order your lunch right here in West Chester! Lunch has replaced breakfast as the most important meal of today's fast-paced world. Here's why.

Taking time away from work may sound-counter-productive, but recent studies show that taking breaks throughout the day:

  • Allows the mind a few moments to relax out of mental blocks.

  • Allows the uptake of nutrients to prevent slowing down in the afternoon.

  • Encourages positive work relationships.

Clearly, the benefits of a lunch break outweigh the costs of a few minutes of "unproductivity." Read on to discover how you, as an employee or business in West Chester, can use lunch breaks as a tool to increase productivity among your team.

Lunch in West Chester, Always Affordable

When you’re a business, productivity is key to maintaining that bottom line. One way to improve productivity is to provide your employees with lunch. That may sound like an additional expense, but it doesn’t have to be.

Well-fed and appreciative employees will show their gratitude by working harder after lunch. That’s the law of reciprocity.

We also offer catering and delivery straight to your home or office. Enjoy fast, friendly service with enough variety on the menu to keep lunch interesting - no matter how often you order.

Skally’s offers a great deal on their pizzas. You will receive a fantastic discount for ordering five or more of their amazing pizzas. Choose from traditional or New York style crust. Yes, they have gluten-free dough!

Skally's pizzas are a sure-fire employee-pleasing option that will leave plenty of wiggle room in your lunch budget.

Choosing a Good Lunch

What is eaten on lunch break is just as important as taking a lunch break.

Employees may not have the time to prepare an energizing lunch before work. So they may choose to hit up that snack machine or leave to pick up greasy fast food. Loading up on carbs, fats, and unhealthy sugars can lead to crashing harder than if that person hadn’t eaten at all! That’s the opposite of productive.

Filling, nutrient dense foods are what you need your employees to eat on their lunch breaks.

Skally’s offers catered items on their menu that are satisfying and packed with nutrients that uplift rather than drag down. Their pita tray allows you to buy as few or as many sandwiches as you need. They are loaded with a customizable range of deli-meats, cheeses and veggies, with homemade sauces on the side.

Gratitude For a Great Lunch

Management, you should know: whether you hear about it or not, your employees really do appreciate it when their bosses provide them lunch. Their attitudes toward you and your management staff will greatly improve. They will work harder for you, communicate better, and care more about their jobs.

For a simpler option, or if you would also like to impress guests of your business, consider ordering a mid-afternoon snack from Skally's. Their baklava trays are a delightfully light, sweet treat that everyone can enjoy. Honey is a healthier alternative to white sugar or substitute sweeteners, and Skally's proudly makes both pistachio and walnut baklava.

If you are trying to avoid sweets in the office, ask them about their delicious, savory hummus and veggie trays. You really can’t go wrong.

West Chester Lunch At Home

Just because you work at home now doesn't mean you have to skip out on a good, nutritious lunch. Take a quick break from your desk and from staring cluelessly into your refrigerator and take full advantage of Skally's entire menu of soups, crisp salads, juicy burgers and unique and filling Mediterranean classics.

Use your preferred delivery venue - like DoorDash - to alert you when it's time to get away from your desk and take your lunch break. Use that time to sit down, let yourself relax and focus on enjoying your lovingly prepared Skally's Restaurant meal. You'll feel much more energized and ready to tackle the rest of your work shift!

Better yet, escape the office entirely and enjoy a fresh change of scenery by dining in. Skally's offers a welcome, relaxing atmosphere where you can truly focus on your meal. Call ahead to reserve a seat or walk right in. Their staff will get you in and get you seated right away so you can enjoy the most out of your lunch time.

Turn your West Chester lunch break into something special with lunch catering from Skally’s. After serving your boss, your coworkers and your clients all day, it’s nice to have someone serve you.


When looking for a great lunch in West Chester, whether you need to cater to your business or deliver to the home office, look no further than Skally's Restaurant. You will see a definitive increase in afternoon productivity, both in yourself and in your employees.

Consider treating your hard-working employees, or impress your new client, to lunch right inside the restaurant. After seeing to the needs of your customers all day, it’s nice to have someone serve you instead, and the Skally’s staff do so with a smile. It’s also a great way to show potential clients a little of what West Chester has to offer.

Note that what you see on Skally’s online menu is not all the delicious options they have available. Follow Skally's Restaurant on Instagram to stay updated on new weekly specials and budget-loving deals.